JetBlue Ramps Up In Palm Springs, Adds Boston Nonstop!

Jetblue is coming up with new route for nonstop flight.
The airlines are adding a new nonstop route to Boston and will extend its existing seasonal services to
New York JFK. These services will launch Feb 14 and will run through April 30. Jetblue will be the only
airline to fly nonstop to Palm Springs from any airport in New England.
The carrier will fly one daily round-trip flight on airbus a320 aircraft. The California-bound flight will
leave boston at 5:01 p.m. and land in palm springs at 8:31 p.m, all times local. The return, leaving palm
spring at 9:26 p.m and landing in boston at 5:30 a.m the next morning.
From New York JFK, jetblue has offered seasonal service for the past three years. This year, the service
will begin oct 10 and run through may 27. During October and may, jetblue’s JFK-palm springs will
operate four time a week.
“new boston service, combined with this season’s expanded new York schedule, means a winter
warmup is easier than ever and also makes jetblue th leading airline flying nonstop between palm
springs and the northeast” said by Andrea Lusso, jetblue’s director route planning.
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Best Flight Ticket Deals To India With Tips To Save Money While Check-In At Airport!

While travelling, check-in baggage is a great problem. Some of the airlines  are increasing their bag fee continuously. So it is a continuous tension for the passenger but here, we have come up with some important tips to save your money while check-in at the airport.

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So here are some important tips to save your money while check-in at the airport!

Fly with southwest airlines:

This airline provides two free checked bag per person. But is advisable to check the flight fares and compare them as well. Southwest doesn’t have always the cheap price but this scheme for free baggage has worked in their favor and for two free bags up to $140 round trip per passenger.

Pack with the important stuff:

I would suggest you pack your bag with light stuff for check-in. some airlines allow taking carry bags which you can easily fit under your seat.  Gate agent generally checks the size of the bag in order to ensure whether that will fit under the seat or not. American airlines have recently reversed its policy on economy tickets and allow standard carry-on bags, matching this change with delta’s policy.

Weight your bag for free:

You can check the weight of your bag at the entrance gate before actual the check-in counter. If you feel like that your bag is of normal size and exactly as per the policy then there is no need to check the weight at the gate, you can normally proceed as you do normally. Otherwise, you can check the weight at the gate for free and remove some stuff in order to make the bag exactly as per the airline limits.

Fly with airlines have tie-ups:

Different airlines have variety of tie-ups like with jewelry store, be that silver, gold, ruby, platinum etc. if you buy anything from that jewelry store using same credit card, which you used at the time of flight booking than you can earn points like including free check-in bags, discount on flight tickets etc. this policy will vary by different airline and tiers.

Book flight using a credit card:

If you will use a credit card while booking a flight then you can earn many points. Some airlines allow the cardholder and at least one partner with the cardholder to check-in their first bag for free. Some airlines with credit card tiers are:

1) American’s Citi AAdvantage Platinum select world elite master card provides free check-in bag for one partner along with card holder

2) United Airline’s Mileage Plus cards from chase provide free check-in bag for four passengers along with card holder

3) Delta’s SkyMiles credit cards from American Express provide free check-in for nine passengers.

Hope this will help you to save you money at the check-in counter of the airport and gives you some idea about how to pack your stuff in the bag. Hope you will have money saver journey!


Say Cheers At Little Expensive Rate: American Airlines Raising Drink Prices!

American airlines have changed their alcoholic beverages rate and those will be applicable by October 1.

Airline is boosting the price of beer, wine and liquor by $1 each. Sparkling wine is the only drink that won’t cost more. It remains $9 and is only available on select flights.

American spokesman Sunny Rodriguez said the airline has improved its in-flight drink options over the past few years, most recently adding three craft beers.

The new prices of drinks are:
Beer: $8 for bud light, Dos Equis, Heineken, Goose Island IPA, Samuel Adams Octoberfest and Fat Tire Belgian White.

Wine: $9 for La Noria Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon, Les Papillons Grenache Rose and La Montagne Noire Sauvignon Blanc

Spirits: $9 for Bacardi rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Bombay sapphire gin, Canadian Club White label, Dewar’s white label, Disaronno Amaretto, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Sparkling wine: $9 for Casa Gheller Brut Prosecco on Hawaii and select transcontinental flights.
American passengers who sit in the airline’s cushier Main Cabin Extra section in economy receive free drinks, as do travelers in first class and business class.

Southwest Airlines raised its drink prices on March 1. The nation’s largest domestic carrier charges $6 for wine and select beer and $7 for spirits.