7 Best Indian Destinations for Food-Lovers

If you are a foodie traveler then you might be looking for some special dishes you can taste in different regions of India. Here are some popular regional dishes which you can find great for your taste bud. So, next time you book your flights for your Travel to India then you must add these items to your list.

Vada Pav in Mumbai:

Mumbai streets offer the best food to your taste buds. Best of the available snacks is Vada Pav. It is a must taste item of Mumbai. It consists of mashed potato which is deep fried. The material is put inside a bun and served with many types of chutneys. It can be as spicy as you want.

Kebab of Lucknow:

Lucknow is known for its Kebab. It is available everywhere in Lucknow city. There are many types of Kebabs famous such as Gaulouti Kebab, Ghutwa Kebab, Pasanda Kebab, Shami Kebab, and Seekh Kebab. You can taste any of them as all have their own taste in their way. Other than this Biryani is also a not-to-miss item. The city is popular for non-vegetarian cuisines.

Chole Bhature in Punjab:

Chole Bhature is a well-known dish of Punjab. Bhatura is made of soft flour and is larger than puri. It is served with Chole. It is a complete meal served with chutney, pickle or onion salad. Don’t skip the dish if you are in Punjab. The dish is popular all over India and mostly served in North India.

Sweets in Kolkata:

Roshogolla is a common sweet and you must have tasted it many times. But, the Roshogolla of Kolkata is too tasty and you must try it. Other than this Puchkas is also famous as a street food of Kolkata. Locals are to die for the papri chat, dum aloo phuchkas, and dahi phuchkas.

Bhang Ki Chutney in Uttrakhand:

In the Uttrakhand State chutney of Hemp Seeds is made. It is served with complete food or thali to enhance the taste of food items. Also, Kumaoni Raita is also a dish eaten as an accompanying food. It is prepared with curd, turmeric, and cucumber. Locals take it daily to enhance the goodness of food.

Litti Choka of Patna:

In the roadside shops or streets you will  find a really popular dish of Patna. On a food trip to Patna, you must taste this item. Chokha is prepared by mashing boiled vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes. Spices and chopped onion with garlic are added. It is served with Litti as a complimentary delicacy.

Chocolate Sandwich of Bangalore:


The street area of Jayanagar in Bangalore is called the Sandwich Zone. Here you will find Chocolate Sandwich. They serve a variety of sandwiches and chats which is healthy as well as affordable

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Don’t Miss to Visit these Beautiful Places in India

India is a dream destination for many people due to its great culture and beautiful natural offerings. So what is standing in the way of your dream destination? Fly with cheap air tickets to India from USA and find these places.

Hampi, Karnataka:


Hampi is a world heritage site located in the Karnataka state.

  • It is an open museum with lots of spots to be explored by visitors. From the top, you can see the entire city.
  • Tourists are attracted by the temples of Hampi, its Hindu architecture style, monolithic sculptures, and carved temples.
  • Virupaksha temple is a must visit spot in Hampi.

Mysore, Karnataka:

It is very famous for magnificent Mysore Palace, majestic buildings, sprawling gardens, and some stunning waterfalls, and lakes.

  • Mysore Palace is one of the most spectacular palaces of India. It has great architecture and design.
  • The rich cultural heritage of Mysore attracts lots of tourists every year. On every Sunday and during Dussehra the palace is decorated and thus lit up in the dark.
  • Brindavan Gardens, Mysore Zoo, Karanji Lake, and Chamundi Hills are famous places to visit in Mysore.

Kanatal, Uttarakhand:

Kanatal has many tourist spots to visit. Tourists come here to spend the quality and leisure time here.

  • Dhanaulti Eco Park is newly developed which consists of two parks situated at some distance to each other.
  • For nature lovers, this place is best. There is a Kaudia Forest which is considered as a nice picnic spot. You can also enjoy the hiking in this forest.
  • Other than these Tehri Lake, Tehri Dam and Surkanda Devi Temple are most happening places to visit.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh:


This place is a green lush valley and one must come here solo to escape in the high mountains and cool wind.

  • It’s a picturesque place; nature lovers are going to enjoy the scenery. Also, it has great trekking places such as Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass and Kheerganga for hikers.
  • Moving forward from this place there is a very famous pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs in Manikaran. It has a Ram temple and Gurudwara Sahib.
  • Get a feel of rural life near Kasol at Malana and Tosh. The people of this place live with the traditional ways and in traditional houses. Malana is also famous for the “Malana Cream” for which many tourists visit this town.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh:

Agra lies in the bank of River Yamuna. This place is very famous because it holds one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  • Agra is famous for Taj Mahal which is a famous masterpiece due to its beautiful marble work. It is a fascinating monument of eternal love.
  • Also, visit Chini Ka Rauza a funerary monument and Fatehpur Sikri a city made of red sandstone if you are at Agra.
  • Agra Fort built by Emperor Akbar is a nice place for tourists enhanced by gardens and palaces.

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Experience These Things in Mumbai For a Refreshing Trip

Mumbai is a great destination for locals as well as international travelers. You can experience it with your family and friends and do so many things to enjoy. So, book the flights to Mumbai and move for a refreshing trip to this famous place. This spot has a lot of sightseeing attractions that you must see. Here are some unique experiences which you can get even in the budget.

Enjoy the Sunset at Bandstand:

  • It is located near to the western coast of Mumbai also known as Bandra Bandstand. View the sunset sitting by the rocky outcrops.
  • Those who are planning a trip to Mumbai must visit this place. You can see the concerts, dance and live performances.
  • It is a great place for jogging, hangout and even the host of many festival celebrations.

Take a Ferry Ride:

  • Taking a ferry ride in the Arabian Sea is a great activity here. So you can take the ride off the Gateway of India.
  • Feel the cool breezing wind while moving over the sea. Many tourists take the ferry ride to enjoy the sunset and visit the Elephanta Caves.
  • Some people hire the ferry to spend some time alone and enjoy the ride.

Witness the Street Food:

  • There are massive fans for street food of Mumbai. Juhu Chowpatty includes small food stalls and street karts providing sev puri, bhel puri, paani puri, vada pao, batata vada, and misal pao.
  • If you are a meat lover then visit Sarvi at Mohammed Ali Road; they provide very famous grilled meat.
  • In Ville Parle West, Anand stall is very famous for Vada Pav. More than thousands of customers are served per day.

Experience the Spiritual Side:

  • There are many religious spots in Mumbai. Mumbadevi temple Situated on Bhuleshwar Road in Zaveri Bazar is one of the oldest temples in Mumbai.
  • Siddhivinayak Temple located at SK Bole Marg is an important landmark of Mumbai. Thousands of devotees come here to pray and seek blessing.
  • Walkeshwar Temple situated at Banganga Cross Lane has a great historic significance. It has its great architectural style which attracts many tourists.

Shopping in Cheap:

There are some cheap places to go shopping in Mumbai.

  • Colaba Causeway in Colaba is famous for Books, jewelry, handicraft, and clothes. So you can visit this market for this stuff.
  • Lokhandwala Market in Andheri is famous for crafts and outfits. Buy the cheap outfit and dresses from
  • Heera Panna Market situated near Haji Ali Dargah. Here you can buy electronic gadgets.

Plan a memorable holiday tour with Pickfare. Search for best flight deals on flights to Mumbai and experience something different. The trip to Mumbai is an experience in itself; famous for its street food, shopping, and magnificent places.

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