Amazing Facilities You Can Avail At John F Kennedy International Airport!

Amazing Facilities You Can Avail At John F Kennedy International Airport!

Before visiting any place, it is important to have some knowledge about that place so that we will plan our trip according. Be that about the facilities of an airport or hotels for a stay or places to visit or delicious food corner, we are always eager to know about every bit of the place where we are going. Right?

And considering your that concern in mind, we are here to provide you with some important information, which is about an airport. Its facilities, services and terminals. Check that out!

In order to plan your layover, delays, overnight sleepover, we will provide you with the full report of the John F Kennedy international airport, so that you will have a happy stay over there.

JFK is one of the biggest airports comprises six terminals associated via AirTrain on the landside and you can feed yourself 24 hours on terminal 1 (airside) and terminal 4 (landside).

1) Need cash?

ATMs are available on almost all the terminals. Withdrawal fee may apply, so it will be good if you will notify your bank about travel plans. Check your daily withdrawal limit carefully while travelling internationally.

2) Pamper your child:

Terminal 4, 5 and 8 provides the best baby care services. Nursing station is located on these terminals.

3) Smoking zone:

Smoking is not allowed inside any terminal. There are special areas allotted for smoking outside the airport. If travelers not follow this rule and smoke inside the airport, those will be punished.

4) Have a beauty treatment:

Terminal 1, 4 and 7 comprises of the spa. An area where you can take beauty treatment like pedicures, manicures, facials and many more. So if in case there is a need to go, directly to the wedding or any place where you want to look best then you can make yourself ready over here.

5) Mobile charging:

Both in landside and airside mobile charging booth are there in all terminals, where you can charge your power bank, mobile phone and laptops.

6) Shopping area:

Terminal 4, 5, 7 and 8 comprises of a huge variety of retail stores, boutiques and newsstands along with duty-free shopping throughout the airport.

7) Which terminal is best for sleep?

  • Terminal 1: if your wait on any terminal is too long, you take AirTrain, and move to terminal 1 to hang out in the upper-level food court. You can grab the best of food over here as this have the biggest food junction among all terminals.
  • Terminal 5: cleanliest and most modern terminal among all with pretty cold surroundings, so pack yourself perfectly. You can enjoy early 70’s songs.
  • Terminal 7: this has many tall, high back seats with armrests with the cold environment so it is advisable to take woolens along.

8) Medical facilities:

The medical emergency will be handling in the airport with best-educated doctors 24/7. Free shuttle services will be provided from the airport to the hospital.

9) Transport mode:

You can take car rental and buses for transportation to nearby areas. You can take car rental at the arrival level near baggage counter in all terminals.

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