Check out: Airlines Provides Kid-Friendly Ambience in Business Class Flights

When you are traveling with kids; you need some extra space and quality of service. There are some business class flights that will surely make you comfortable while traveling with kids and infants. Also, you have to take care of some important things while traveling in business class.

Skip the Queues with Emirates:

  • Family board first policy of this airline will surely make you skip the long queues and go straight to the family check-in desk.
  • If you want your child to be served a meal then let them know before 24 hours of the flight.
  • Business class seats of Emirates are very luxurious and you will receive amenity kits for infants.
  • In-flight child entertainment options like TV shows and cartoons are also available.

Flying Nannies by Etihad:

  • Best thing is that you will find a fully trained nanny for long-haul flights in Etihad.
  • They will be with your child throughout the flight and keep them busy in little activities like face painting and magic tricks. At that time you can take rest or have a nap.
  • An entertainment system for kids will keep them engaged and settle them to sleep.

Join the Joey Club of Qantas:

  • When it comes about flying in Business class flights with families Qantas is also a good option.
  • Join Qantas Joey Club, which is designed to entertain your child by exciting activities, kid-friendly zone, and coloring tasks. Kids of age 3 to 6 can join the club and they will receive a playing kit as a welcome gift with a Joey Club passport.
  • Extra flying points are also received by the members of Joey Club.

Feed Kids First in British Airways:

  • British Airways has started a new policy to feed the kids on priority basis from all.
  • Families are given higher priorities than others while boarding.
  • Bags of colors and crayons are provided to children of age 3 to 5.
  • Kids are provided with games such as puzzle, Sudoku, pen and books according to their age group.

Break out boredom in Virgin Atlantic:

  • There are a lot of children entertainment options like the latest films, TV shows, and fun games in Virgin Atlantic to keep them active.
  • Kid backpacks will be provided to keep your child busy and entertained.
  • The kid-friendly food menu will be provided to keep them hydrated and refreshed in the flight.
  • In-flight cot and baby friendly cabin crew to help you out when you need their help.

Money Saving Perk Southwest:

  • You can find seats together with kids, without paying extra in this airline.
  • No extra charges for the first two checked bags, so beneficial for family trips.
  • An open boarding process for the families having children of 6 years and under 6.

Fun-filled meals for kids in Qatar Airways:

  • They have provided lounges, private family areas, children nursery, and high tech game rooms.
  • You can also get some essentials for your children such as meal boxes, and toys for long-haul routes.
  • For older children, activity packs are also available.

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