Travel Tips: How To Fly Cheap To INDIA From USA?

Sometimes paying for a flight can be very expensive if you don’t think smartly. Everyone wants to fly cheap but don’t have the strategies for getting cheap air tickets. Here are some tips to book cheap air tickets. So this winter, pick your bag packs and fly to India from USA.

Decide Where to Land:

Pick the destination city in India for which you are getting cheap air tickets. Check the flight deals online and decide the city at which you are offered the best deal.

There are so many international airports in India and the Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata are the famous one. Fly for the cheapest airport which is less popular and close to your destination point.

Decide the Best Time:

Fly to India from the USA during the off-season because the travelers are less and thus less demand for seats. Book the tickets around two months in advance and start the trip on weekdays.

It can save a large amount of money which you can spend on something else. Early morning and late night flights are cheaper than the day flights.

How to get Cheap Air Tickets:

Check online on Pickfare; it can help you to get cheap air tickets to India. Here you can find the best deals and offers on various flights.

Compare the prices of all online portals and pick the route on which you are getting maximum discount.

Go for Multiple City Trip:

Don’t pick the non-stop flights; these are considered expensive. Even all connecting flights are not inexpensive. Check it smartly that which one is going to suit your budget.

Some flights offer layover at the different city so you can enjoy the journey for multiple cities.

Don’t Pick Low-Cost Carrier:

I mean don’t go with the cheapest one.

Maybe they are going to charge some extra on everything such as assigned seats, carry-on luggage, refreshments (including water) and even to print your boarding pass.

Enjoy Air Miles:

You can redeem your air miles if you are a frequent flyer and a loyalty program member of the airline. Then you will get cheaper miles on each air tickets.

Avoid close-In fee:

If you use your award points to the flight ticket then some airlines may charge Close-In fee.

But there are the fewer one who do not charge such a Delta Airline. So pick the flight where you can avoid the Close-In fee.

Check Luggage Policy:

Don’t just pick any airline. First, find the best suited cheap tickets to India and then visit the website of the airlines.

Go through the baggage policy of each airline; then find the one which is going to charge you less or inexpensive for depending on your baggage.

Cheap routes you can opt:

Fly from New York to Mumbai if you travel from East coast

Fly from Seattle or San Francisco to Delhi, if you travel from West coast also

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